Dansk Erhvervsoptik

Who pays?

When does the company have to pay?

If employees experience discomfort as a result of DSE work, they are entitled to have an eye test. If an eye test carried out by an optician shows that the employee needs DSE glasses, the company must pay for them.

The company does not have to pay for DSE glasses if the employee can use his or her prescription glasses or contact lenses for DSE work. 

Wearing prescription glasses for DSE work can cause discomfort and problems. Read more about this below.

Suspected need for DSE glasses?

The employee is entitled to an eye test if discomfort occurs as a result of DSE work. The test must, as far as possible, take place within normal working hours. If the examination shows that DSE glasses are necessary to alleviate the discomfort, the company must pay for them. 

Rules and guidelines

Our work is based on the rules and guidelines of the Danish Working Environment Authority and the Branchemiljørådet (Industry Environment Council). Our DSE glasses and safety glasses therefore always meet all legal requirements. 

What do DSE glasses cost?

A corporate agreement with Dansk ErhvervsOptik ensures that your company always knows the price of DSE glasses and safety glasses. At the same time, you get access to our competitive prices.

This is what you do:

DSE glasses are specially developed to take care of your eyes when working in front of a computer screen. Click on the link below and read more about how to obtain DSE glasses.

Discomfort when wearing prescription glasses

A lot of people wear their prescription glasses when working in front of the computer. This can cause problems such as headaches, back pain, stiffness in the neck and shoulders as well as fatigue and stinging eyes, because prescription glasses are not typically adapted to the particular viewing distance from the screen. This is likely to strain your eyes and cause you to adopt a poor sitting posture in order to see the screen more clearly.