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Eyesight and vision in the workplace

Read about DSE glasses for employees here. Employed by a company and suspect that you need DSE glasses? Healthy vision affects your well-being at work. So, it’s important to wear the right glasses, be they DSE glasses or safety glasses. In Denmark, your workplace is required to pay if you need glasses for work. At Dansk ErhvervsOptik, we give you and your workplace the advice you need regarding workplace glasses. Under the section “When do I need DSE glasses?” below, you can find out more about whether you might need workplace glasses. 

When do I need DSE glasses?

As an employee who works with DSE, you need DSE glasses when the strength of your prescription glasses is no longer sufficient for DSE work. Most people under the age of 40 will be able to wear their prescription glasses, but by the age of 40–50, many will need DSE glasses. This is because the eye’s ability to focus deteriorates with age. So, it’s important to be aware of the possibility of having DSE glasses paid for by your employer.

If you recognise the following situations, you probably need a pair of DSE glasses:

  • You have to lean forward over the desk to be able to read the letters on the screen when wearing your reading glasses.
  • You lean your head back (straining your neck) to find the field in your progressive lenses that allows you to see clearly.
  • You can’t focus on the computer screen.

What are the rules for DSE glasses?

The combination of a properly set-up workstation and good vision is a prerequisite for an employee’s well-being when performing DSE work.

Who pays?

If employees experience discomfort as a result of DSE work, they are entitled to an eye test. If the eye test shows that an employee needs DSE glasses, the company is required to pay for them.

What are DSE glasses?

DSE glasses are glasses that have been specially developed to give the eyes the best possible conditions to perform DSE work, taking the distance to the screen into account.

Finding the right glasses is a breeze

We have a large network of 400+ opticians, making it quick and easy to find the right glasses from the right optician if you need DSE glasses or safety glasses. Click on the link below to find an optician near you.

Here’s what you do:

Regardless of whether you need DSE glasses or safety glasses, you must complete a request form, which your employer must then sign. Click on the link below and read more about how to complete a request form.

Meet a wearer of DSE glasses

Do you experience headaches and fatigue and find it hard to get your work on the computer done? Watch this video (in Danish only) and hear a wearer of DSE glasses talk about experiencing the signs of needing DSE glasses.  

DSE glasses

A lot of the discomfort experienced as a result of DSE work can be avoided with the help of DSE glasses, which are specially developed to take care of your eyes when undertaking work at a computer.

Safety glasses

Safety glasses protect the eyes against airborne particles, dust and splashes, the chemical effects of acids and gases, and radiation from welding or lasers.

Useful tips for DSE work

What should you be aware of when you wish to improve your working environment in front of the screen?