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Rules and guidelines

Familiarise yourself with the legal requirements for your workplace

As a company, you are legally obliged to offer your employees DSE glasses and safety glasses in accordance with the current legislation. We’ve compiled the most important guidelines and rules for DSE glasses and safety glasses so that you can familiarise yourself with the legal requirements for your workplace when it comes to workplace glasses. Read about the rules for DSE glasses, DSE work and safety glasses below.

According to the Danish Working Environment Authority’s guidelines on DSE work, employees who regularly perform DSE work for more than 2 hours a day are entitled to an appropriate eye test if vision problems/eye discomfort occur as a result of DSE work. If the employee needs special glasses, this must be paid for by the company.

Useful tips for your company

    • First, investigate whether the discomfort is due to a poor set-up, i.e. the positioning and settings of the monitor or poor lighting.
    • The eye test must be carried out by an optician or an ophthalmologist. The company can decide which optician or ophthalmologist should carry out the test.
    • The company fills in a request form, noting viewing distances from the screen, possibly with the help of a vision consultant.
    • The employee must – in addition to the request form listing measurements of the viewing distances from the screen – also bring any prescription glasses or contact lenses to the eye test.
    • If the test shows that the employee’s prescription glasses cannot be used for DSE work, DSE glasses will ordered from an optician/optometrist.
    • Single vision lenses may be sufficient, but the employee must agree to take off the glasses for other work tasks.
    • However, multifocal lenses may be necessary for combined work tasks that involve different viewing distances.
    • DSE glasses are usually only required by employees over the age of 40.

    DSE work can be straining on the eyes. The right DSE glasses prevent occupational injuries and make for efficient and satisfied employees.


With a free corporate agreement with Dansk ErhvervsOptik, you can be visited by our vision consultants, who measure and check whether the company’s workstations and computer screens are set up optimally, with a view to providing the best working environment. At the same time, an assessment is made of whether your employees need DSE glasses.

DSE glasses

The Danish Working Environment Authority’s guidelines on DSE work

Safety glasses

The Danish Working Environment Authority’s guidelines on safety glasses

DSE work

Branchemiljørådet (the Industry Council for the Environment) BAR Kontor’s industry guidelines

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  • Professional advice
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