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Have your workplace assessed

When everyday life at work is busy, and everyone is focused on their work tasks, we sometimes forget to take stock of how we’re feeling. But it’s important! Good eyesight and a healthy working environment are essential for us to thrive at work.

If our vision is not as it should be, and we spend long hours sitting in a poor working posture, we’ll experience problems such as headaches, fatigue, stiffness in the neck and difficulty concentrating. This affects our well-being, motivation and work input. 

Contact a consultant

If you’re unsure whether you need to optimise your company’s working environment, we’re happy to help. At Dansk ErhvervsOptik, we are specialists in DSE glasses and the working environment, and in the best way to set up workstations with computer screens.

Our consultants are more than happy to come out to you so that we can assess your working environment together, based on factors such as lighting, layout and working postures. Often minor changes are needed to improve the working environment.

Our consultants can also quickly assess whether an employee of yours needs DSE glasses, or whether the strength of his or her ‘prescription glasses’ just needs to be adjusted.

Interested in a visit from one of our consultants? Or would you simply like to hear more about what Dansk ErhvervsOptik can do for your company? If so, please contact Dansk ErhvervsOptik.

A healthy working environment helps prevent

  • Headaches
  • Stiffness in the neck
  • Tiredness
  • Stinging eyes
  • Back pain

Create a good working environment

  • Ensure proper lighting
  • Configure the monitors correctly
  • Check working postures
  • Vary routines
  • Make time for breaks

The RED/GREEN test

You can use this test to quickly assess whether your current lenses are too weak or too strong. The red and green test works on the principle that the wavelengths of red and green light are focused slightly differently by the eye.

Without glasses on:

Red is closer to the retina (i.e. clearer) when you’re short-sighted.

Green is closer to the retina (i.e. clearer) when you’re long-sighted.

When you look at this test on your computer screen, it gives you an indication of your current vision when performing DSE work. You should be able to see equally well on the red and green side, provided that your colour vision, visual contrast sensitivity and the resolution of your eyes are equally good. That is why you should always visit your optician and have your eyes tested. 

The test is an indicator only.