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DSE glasses

What are DSE glasses?

DSE glasses are specially developed to take care of your eyes when working at a computer. They are therefore also called computer glasses or workplace glasses.

With DSE glasses, you can look at a computer screen without your eyes having to compensate. The glasses are designed in a different way to your prescription glasses. They take factors such as your working distance from the screen into account.

When do you need DSE glasses?

When you reach the age of 40–45, you, like most people, may need DSE glasses. The reason for this is that the eye’s ability to focus deteriorates with age. If you already wear glasses, you may find that they are no longer enough. Without thinking about it, you may have started to lift your chin and neck – or find yourself leaning in towards the screen to focus.

So for several hours a day, you may be adopting a poor sitting posture, which can cause problems such as:  

  • Tired eyes after a day’s work
  • Frequent headaches
  • Neck and back pain
  • Inability to concentrate


If you need DSE glasses, we recommend that you have an eye test.

How to buy DSE glasses through Dansk ErhvervsOptik:


Enter into a corporate agreement

Your company enters into a free corporate agreement with Dansk ErhvervsOptik.


Receive a request form

You receive a request form, which you keep and give to employees who need DSE glasses.


Complete the request form

Assess whether the workplace is set up optimally. The employee then completes the request form, which is signed by the company.


Find an optician

The employee finds an optician among Dansk ErhvervsOptik’s 450 opticians.


Bring request form

The employee brings the request form with him/her to the optician.


Eye test and assessment

After completing the eye test, the optician will assess whether you need glasses.


Glasses not needed

If glasses are not needed, the request form is returned to the company, informing them of this.


Glasses needed

If glasses are needed, the employee orders them from the optician. The employee collects the glasses when they are ready.



The optician sends the bill and request form to Dansk ErhvervsOptik or your company, depending on what has been agreed in the corporate agreement.

Meet a wearer of DSE glasses (in Danish only)

Do you experience headaches, fatigue and find that you can’t get your work on the computer done? Watch this video. 

There are three types of DSE glasses

You should choose glasses that are compatible with your work tasks and working day. You can, for example, get glasses that allow you to see the screen and keyboard clearly, at the same time as being able to see at a distance of up to four metres. A lot of people find it a relief not to have to constantly put on and take off their glasses in different work situations.

Skærmbriller til forskellige behov

Who pays?

If an eye test shows that an employee needs DSE glasses and their prescription glasses are unsuitable for DSE work, the company must pay for them.

What are the rules for DSE glasses?

Dansk ErhvervsOptik complies with the rules and guidelines of the Danish Working Environment Authority and Branchemiljørådet (the Industry Council for the Environment). 

Create a good working environment

Headaches when you’re at work. It is equally important that your workstation is set up to suit you.

Individual DSE glasses

The right DSE glasses for one person are not necessarily the same for another. Opticians today can adapt DSE glasses to match the vision and work functions of the individual.