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Glasses and movement

Without the right glasses, we see with our body, i.e. through slouching and a poor working posture.

The right glasses are therefore a prerequisite for a good working environment. But you cannot guarantee a good working environment through eyewear alone.

There are two factors that are absolutely crucial to remember when it comes to the eyes, vision and a good working environment:

  1. Sight is sense No. 1 – if you can’t see properly, your body will compensate for that – and pay the price. This is where glasses and configuration of the monitor(s) can make a difference.
  2. The eyes need frequent breaks and brief time away from the screen – preferably every half an hour. Glasses do not help here – this depends entirely on your habits at the desk and the work culture in the office.

A good working life also demands healthy habits

A good working day at the desk is about more than the right equipment and the right working posture alone. It’s also about your energy at the desk. Your energy increases in line with your ability to establish the right balance between work, movement and recovery. With good habits, you can establish that balance.

Breaks are important for your body and your brain – and every bit as important for your eyes.

Download poster about taking a proper break here (in Danish only)

Slip stolen (Lose the chair) and gain more energy in front of the screen
The ‘Slip Stolen’ concept is your shortest shortcut to healthy habits, happy employees and greater well-being. And you’ll see the result on the bottom line. Dansk ErhvervsOptik collaborates with ‘Slip Stolen’ with a view to establishing a good working life.

Slip Stolen’ is about changing habits together

When we get up out of the chair, start standing up and moving about more, we find joy, health and productivity in the workplace. It will be a team effort that binds us together and strengthens the workplace culture. In short, we can improve a number of points that enhance our everyday life and productivity.

  • More health and well-being
  • More community and culture
  • Greater productivity and mental resources

And best of all, it’s a simple solution with a big impact.

Read more about ‘Slip Stolen’ here

Get more tips and ideas on how to lose the chair
Physiotherapist and author of the book “Slip stolen – for hjernens skyld” (Lose the chair – for your brain’s sake), Lone Østergaard, has defined a very simple and easy method to optimise your working environment when working at a desk. Lone Østergaard’s method is based on research by Alan Hedge, Professor in the Department of Human Centered Design (formerly Design and Environmental Analysis) at Cornell University in New York, USA.

Want to hear about ‘Slip Stolen’ and establishing a good working life?

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