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The Executive Order on Working from Home

(Bekendtgørelse om hjemmearbejde)

Read here about your legal rights and requirements regarding DSE glasses and working from home. The Executive Order on Working from Home contains a number of important points from the Executive Order on Permanent Places of Work and the Executive Order on DSE Work.

As of 1 May 2022

The special requirements stipulated in the Executive Order on DSE Work only apply to working from home when the work takes place at home:

  • More than two working days per week, on average over approx. one month.


The law relates to DSE glasses and working from home, but it does not prescribe anything about the number of pairs of DSE glasses to which an employee is entitled.

If the employer requires the employee to work from home, the employer must ensure that the employee can perform his or her work in accordance with the requirements that apply regarding the set-up of the workplace.

Read more about working from home on the Danish Working Environment Authority’s website:

Screen and DSE glasses

The same recommendations apply to DSE glasses when working from home and at the permanent place of work: the monitor must always stand away from the keyboard, so that the employee can adopt a proper working posture and working movements.

DSE glasses are portable, so the employee can wear the same pair, both at the workplace and when working from home. If the DSE glasses are unsuitable for both workstations, the employer must assess whether the employer will purchase a second pair of DSE glasses for the employee, which are also suitable for working from home, or whether the employee must remain at the same workplace throughout his or her working hours. This is the employer’s decision.