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Corporate agreement

Glasses at work

That we are able to see well and take good care of our vision when we are at work is a prerequisite to our well-being in the workplace. At Dansk ErhvervsOptik, we offer a free corporate agreement where we help you choose the right eyewear solutions for your employees – whether they need DSE glasses or safety glasses. We also offer advice on how best to set up workstations with monitors, which also contributes to a good sense of well-being. 

Free corporate agreement

A free corporate agreement with Dansk ErhvervsOptik allows you get professional advice and workplace glasses at low prices. With Denmark’s largest retailer network, you are assured that your employees will always get the eyewear solution they need, whether it’s DSE glasses or safety glasses. 

What does the company have to pay?

Any employee who experiences discomfort as a result of DSE work is entitled to an eye test. If the employee needs DSE glasses, the company must pay for them.

Rules and guidelines on DSE work

Read the Danish Working Environment Authority’s guidelines and rules, and learn more about how your workplace complies with the legislation.

Good vision is a prerequisite for an employee’s well-being

The combination of a properly set-up workstation and good vision is a prerequisite for the well-being of employees who perform DSE work. And well-being is important for motivation and input.

Dansk ErhvervsOptik doesn’t just advise employees on DSE glasses. We also help assess when an employee’s prescription glasses are suitable for the job and when DSE glasses are needed according to current legislation.

If you need to draw up a policy on this or require advice on how to set up individual workstations, we’re on hand to offer our assistance as specialists in workplace glasses.

We offer the country’s largest retailer network and a wide selection of competitively-priced, quality lenses and glasses. 

With a corporate agreement, your company is assured

  • Professional advice
  • DSE glasses at competitive prices
  • Denmark’s largest retailer network
  • Quality lenses from leading lens manufacturers
  • Measurement and assessment of your workplace

DSE glasses

A lot of the discomfort experienced as a result of DSE work can be avoided with the help of DSE glasses, which are specially developed to take care of your eyes when undertaking work at a computer.

Safety glasses

Safety glasses protect the eyes against airborne particles, dust and splashes, the chemical effects of acids and gases, and radiation from welding or lasers.

Useful tips for DSE work

What should you be aware of when you wish to improve your working environment in front of the screen?